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A Computer Mailing-List on Inborn Errors of Metabolism

So you are interested in our mailing-list on Inborn Errors of Metabolism??
This page is intended to give you more information.

Once you are a member of Metab-L please do by all means read the FAQ-page in the members´ section.

What is it?
A computer-mediated (e-mail mediated) discussion forum for "professionals" in the field of inborn errors of metabolism. Messages are sent via e-mail to our mailing "robot" that distributes each message as e-mail to all participants of the forum.

Metab-l  is meant to provide an informal and friendly, professional forum for meeting each other, for getting acquainted, for exchanging information and addresses, for planning projects, for discussing clinical cases, problems, solutions, ideas, concepts. A permanent electronic Round-Table furthering contact within the "Inborn Error Community".

Who can participate?
Metab-L  is meant as a meeting- place for clinicians with care of patients with inborn errors of metabolism, for biochemists, molecular biologists, geneticists, pathologists, for all kinds of scientists and researchers in the field of Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Prerequisite is, apart from a simple email-account of almost any kind, a professional interest in inborn errors of metabolism. For data security reasons patients and patients` families unfortunately cannot be given access to Metab-L.


Metab-L is and has been kindly and generously financially supported by Nutricia Metabolics, Nutricia GmbH, Germany. 
Nevertheless, steadily growing, Metab-L does consume a lot of time and money for administration.
So despite there is no membership fee to pay for particpating in Metab-L voluntary donations by listmembers to Metab-L and me are of course welcome and stealthily encouraged!
(suggestion e.g. 5 Euro per month or 50 Euro per year).

From most countries this can easily be done by following the link to PayPal below:

For German donators it might be easier or more accustomed to directly donate to a checking bank account: Sparkasse Erlangen, account Dr. Christian Renner, account number 24123482, "Bankleitzahl" 76350000. Keyword: Metab-L.

If you like you might alternatively consider the listowner`s Amazon-book-wishlist for a donation . :-)

Many thanks in advance for any donation.


How to subscribe?

Send e-mail to . Please send some information about your professional background to   at the time of your subscription request, as Metab-L is restricted to "professionals".

Contact and List Maintainer:
Dr. med. Christian Renner
Pfleggasse 31, D-94469 Deggendorf, Germany.
Telephone: +991-31450 Telefax: +991-31464

Literature on Metab-L:
Renner C, Razeghi S, Richter T, Ueberall MA, Schless A.:
Metab-L -an electronic Mailing-List on Inborn Errors of Metabolism.
Acta Paediatrica 86 (1997) 892-894

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